It is an avowed goal of EWaRDD to promote and engage in electronic waste recycling. Our mission is inspired by our conviction that recycling is the only way to preserve our environment for a longer time for our posterity and to our own better living.

  • To propagate the importance of e-recycling among the population.
  • To engage in waste management business through e-recycling entrepreneurship.
  • To create socially useful material out of this recycling and donate them to deserving institutions and causes.
  • To continually strive in the direction of preserving our environment and carry out eco-friendly activities



About Us

Electronic & Electrical Waste Recycling, Dismantling & Disposal (E-WaRDD & Co) is a venture that came into existence in 2008, essentially as a result of inspiration drawn from stalwarts in the domain of e-waste recycling and a full understanding of the importance of e-waste management in preserving our eco-system. Today, within a span of two years, the company has earned recognition by its significant presence among Bangalore’s eco-friendly efforts. Electronic waste being one of the greatest threats to our environment, e-waste management became a massive challenge and offered huge scope for a large number of e-waste management companies to operate. With its natural eco-friendly outlook, E-WaRDD & Co took upon itself the mission of e-waste management, which is a mammoth responsibility.

Brain-child of an enterprising young man, Asif Pasha, E-WaRDD & Co, has the business of recycling electronic waste at its core. The company has 10 years of experience in electronic and electrical waste recycling , who are all committed to eco-friendly dismantlers.

The company came to be formed under the EWaRDD Trust with 50 members drawn from the areas of recyclers, dealers, transporters etc in Bangalore. 

The company is committed to upholding the highest standard of environmental and social responsibility. 


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