It is an avowed goal of EWaRDD to promote and engage in electronic waste recycling. Our mission is inspired by our conviction that recycling is the only way to preserve our environment for a longer time for our posterity and to our own better living.

  • To propagate the importance of e-recycling among the population.
  • To engage in waste management business through e-recycling entrepreneurship.
  • To create socially useful material out of this recycling and donate them to deserving institutions and causes.
  • To continually strive in the direction of preserving our environment and carry out eco-friendly activities.
Our Aim

E-WaRDD is dedicated to the role it plays in the being among the leading caretakers of Bangalore’s vast resources, and help Bangalore to be among the leaders of environmental awareness and preservation. 

E-WaRDD is devoted to complete end-of-life recycling of all electronics and electrical waste. Thousands of computers, monitors, televisions, and many other electronic items are replaced in Bangalore every year. This e-waste can be salvaged, extracting valuable materials. These wastes can also be hazardous unless disposed of properly. When you e-recycle you are helping to protect environment and create new jobs. 


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