Although waste recycling is an essential activity today, prevention of waste generation is a nobler and wiser approach because waste that never gets created doesn't have waste management costs and efforts. Waste reduction will also help us conserve natural resources for our future generations. We can leave them a cleaner environment.

E-WaRDD offers complete computer and electronics recycling services, sending zero waste to the landfill. While doing so, we complete comply with every regulatory, statutory and mandatory stipulations at all levels.

E-WaRDD does not stop at recycling corporate e-waste. It extends its commitment to the individual households as well, jointly with various NGOs such as Saahas and EWA.

The e-waste collected by us is most efficiently processed. Our refurbishment process recovers the latest models for reuse / rebuilding and turns them into useful products that will be donated to government schools, charitable institutions and service organizations.

Health and safety Measures

Worker health and safety is our priority for which our small unit has all the necessary pollution control systems like, Hood chamber, air-monitoring systems, cyclone, dust collector etc. The employees are equipped with protective glass, masks, gloves etc.




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