E-WaRDD Trust, is the first ewaste dismantlers association in india.

E-WaRDD Trust is a not-for-profit charitable Trust founded by the young, socially oriented entrepreneur, Asif Pasha, with a set of renowned personalities. 

Although the core mission of the Trust is e-waste recycling, waste management, and provide refurbished usable material and donate them to institutions, organizations and other agencies 

In addition, as its corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Trust focuses on helping individuals to grow into self-reliant, resourceful and responsible individuals. The company offers opportunities to individuals to learn skill and turn them into productive activities that generate income.

Taking its social responsibility a step ahead, E-WaRDD also accommodates many students, who seek projects as part of their academic learning and research efforts, and provide them with projects addressing various aspects of eco-sustainability.


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